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“Seminare” is a periodical published by The Francis de Sales Learned Society (TNFS) since 1975.  The journal is published quarterly and divided into four sections: theological, philosophical, historical, and socio-pedagogical. Scientific materials published in the “Seminare” are in the form of articles, reviews, and reports. Articles are published in Polish, English, German and Italian, but they include summaries and keywords in English. The journal has a working and up-to-date website Since 2010 the periodical is subsidized by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. 

70 % of the editorial board members are employees of scholarly or didactic institutions in countries other than Poland. Every article, before it is published, is reviewed by two external experts in the field. The journal has implemented protective procedure against ghostwriting and guest authorship.

In 2014 in “Seminare” (Vol. 35, No. 1-4) were published 53 scholarly articles, 12 reviews and 12 reports. 13 % of the articles were written in English, German or Italian language. 7 % of the authors of scholarly articles published in the Vol. 35 (No. 1-4) were employees of scholarly institutions in countries other than Poland. 7 % of reviewers were employed in scholarly institutions in countries other than Poland.

"Seminare. Learned Investigations" is available both in print and electronic form.

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